Emotional Comfort

I am a 3-time breast cancer survivor, my nationality is Dutch, I live and work in Cologne, Germany.
Though I had never painted before, after my second surgery I started to experiment with colours and shapes on canvas expressing my feelings and emotions.
I enjoyed the freedom of painting, to send my imagination on a journey and give my creative spirit a chance to flow.
This was indeed a new challenge of life.
One of my favourite images is called “Emotional Comfort” painted in gouache on canvas.
In 2014 the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) selected this painting for the cover of the 2015 “Expression of Hope” calendar.
It shows a state of relaxation.
I believe that patients who feel emotionally comfortable are more likely to participate in recovery promoting activities, which affect pleasant positive feelings and an optimistic approach to life.
I support cancer patients worldwide with my powerful painted story of my survival “Message of Hope”, my video on YouTube and international cancer websites.
I support breast cancer patients as patient advocate.
I support the European and global project BRESO, Breast Surgeon Certification, as well as ABC Global Alliance as Associate Observer.

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