When earth was young or long before, those times are coming back to me
And in my head those dreams return
I remember that the wine of youth was ours
Yet Zeus shone red and raged against his father, Cronos

Soon Hades fled to nearby woods in tears
He saw one sight, one sickening sight
He reeled – the thick of it wore right through his brain
A dead body that will no longer be

For surging now, he screamed ‘Immortal that I am, this makes me ill, I mean to change the way things are!’

Thus, Zeus, Posiedon, he, discussed their aims
Great Zeus, He took the sky, Poseidon claimed the sea, and Hades made the kingdom Hell
The dead could now live on, despite their pain
Implicit here, is Hades hope so well
That one day they’ll be free and live again

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