I am a mother living with cancer

When I was told that my cancer had returned for a second time within months of having my cancerous kidney removed it felt surreal. I was numb as though I was in a dream! Did I really hear those words “possible cancer on the lungs”?

When I was first diagnosed with cancer I dealt with it quite calmly, at the time I was supporting two significant people in my life both diagnosed with cancer around the same time. I was the one giving words of comfort and support. Two months later I too was told I had kidney cancer. I was diagnosed by chance and did not have any symptoms to suggest I had this disease.

I cut my finger, which then became infected. Blood test result showed my low white cells. I was referred to hematology, had an ultra sound and CT scan confirmed cancer. My left kidney was removed within a month, stage 3, with no treatment needed. How precious life is! Then those words again the cancer has metastasized and now on both of my lungs.

I need to survive for my daughter, my time is so precious! My highs and lows just keep flowing in words.

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