This project was born in 2018 in between the corridors of the IPO (Oncology Hospital) and the Lisbon Fine Arts University.
I asked people to give me bras underwires and I would line them while waiting for my appointments. I decided to call it mamaminha (my breast).
My idea was to depict women who had suffered from breast cancer. Such a common condition that we all could point out several cases in a blink of the eyes. And thus help all those who need, talk about this condition and – above all – raise awareness and the participation of people worldwide.

Body and text testimonials

Recognizing, facing and attributing an aesthetic and symbolic value

Maria is an “anonymous” Portuguese name. This project involves women who had breast cancer surgery.

Each of these women had their breast covered with gauze plaster so I could create their scar casts. The proposal is to work from the mold of their one scars, using a wide range of techniques and materials.

This exhibition started in Lisbon, travelled to Oporto, next stop will be Fátima.
Adding more casts from other women and men who wish to be involved in Mamaminha.

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