Lara´s Story

I am a 3-time breast cancer survivor, my nationality is Dutch, I live and work in Cologne, Germany.

Though I had never painted before, after my second surgery I started to experiment with colours and shapes on canvas, expressing my feelings and emotions.

I truly enjoyed the freedom of painting, to send my imagination on a journey and give my creative spirit a chance to flow.
This was indeed a new challenge of life.
One of my favourite images is “Lara” painted in gouache on canvas.
She was a passionate prima ballerina, her body meant everything to her.
Undoubtedly her breast cancer diagnosis was a deep shock.
Lara´s breast should be removed, however, she was lucky to find a high qualified oncoplastic surgeon who performed a partial removal of her breast and reconstruction with autologous tissue.
What a relief…
Lara underwent chemo and radiation therapy.
And there she is, beautiful as always.

As patient advocate I wish that each cancer patient has access to the best specialised treatment.
As Advisor in the BRESO Working Group I support the European project “Breast Surgeon Certification”, because breast cancer surgery should be a job for certified specialists.

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