Window of Hope

Having been diagnosed with cancer for the second time in as many years, I often find solace from taking local walks. Prior to having my tumour removed, I tended to go out in the evenings to lessen the chances of meeeting people that I knew because I found my situation difficult to talk about. I also found that I needed time to reflect and make sense of what was happening to me.

One evening, shortly before Christmas, I walked by this house which shone out in the darkness.The word ‘hope’ was illuminated in the window and above it, a stained glass window radiated with positivity. It was uplifting in dark times.

I am now awaiting a diagnosis of my cancer so that I can move forward with the help of treatment. In the meantime, I now illustrate quiet acts of creativity within my community which ‘make me smile’. It is my way of paying homage to those who bring joy to others in some small way.

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