Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) is a charitable, non-profit organization established in 2010.

We aim to exert an indelible influence and support groundbreaking and pioneering clinical cancer research to help patients improve their quality of life and win the fight against cancer.




We fund and empower researchers to explore translational patient-centered research and novel treatments that can directly impact patients. 

With cancer occurrences on the rise, patients are in dire need of therapeutic options that are more effective and less toxic. Patients do not have time to wait and cancer can affect anyone. Our funding program is focused on novel, highly promising clinical trials and translational research with a high potential to improve patients’ survival and quality of life within 3 years or less. Approved studies must be activated within 6 months of official award notification.




We actively pursue and work with a global group of research excellence centers and top scientists to conduct pioneering clinical cancer research. 

With patients’ needs at the center of our funding focus, preference is given to projects that seek to prevent, detect and treat any cancer type. We work with investigators who share our commitment in creating better options to improve patients' quality of life and survivorship. We actively collaborate with our mission partners to create joint call for research proposals, which includes the Swiss Group for Cancer Research (SAKK), Gateway for Cancer Research, CureSearch, Press On Fund, Weizmann Institute and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN).