We are turning 10! Welcome to our celebration page

Rising Tide Foundations are turning 10

The Rising Tide Foundation and the Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research are celebrating their 10th Anniversary (Y10) of promoting individual freedom and improving quality of life.

With a Festive Virtual Celebration Hour on December 10, 2020, the Rising Tide Foundation and the Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research are entering a year of celebration. We are proud of this great milestone and want to share it with those who support our efforts. Both Foundations will hold various celebratory events and initiatives inspired by our mission to empower individuals and improve quality of life among cancer patients. So stay tuned and celebrate with us!

Shawn Stephenson
Board Chairman of Rising Tide Foundation

As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of our Foundations, we are especially proud of our work to date, and we look to the future with optimism filled with confidence in the power of the individual.

Shawn Stephenson
Board Chairman of Rising Tide Foundation

In the light of our 10-year celebration (Y10) we are proud to present the results of our collaborations with the Venezuelan political cartoonist Rayma Suprani and the Swiss artist and illustrator Patrick Oberholzer.

Rayma Suprani

Rayma Suprani is a true freedom fighter. As a Venezuelan political cartoonist, Rayma has faced persecution for her outspoken message of freedom and criticism of the totalitarian Venezuelan regime. Despite immensely difficult circumstances, Rayma continues to fight for the freedom of her country and those elsewhere. For our 10-year celebration we were thrilled to commission Rayma to create a series of cartoons representing key terms related to our mission and vision and well as our four focus areas. We thank Rayma for her willingness to collaborate with Rising Tide on this project and, more importantly, we thank her for the courageous life she leads which serves as a model for us all. Enjoy the cartoons and the message of freedom they advance!

Here you can see more of Rayma's amazing work celebrating Rising Tide Foundation Core Beliefs and Focus Areas.

Core Beliefs and Key Terms

Focus Areas

Patrick Oberholzer

Patrick Oberholzer is a Swiss artist and illustrator, living and working in Winterthur, Switzerland. He creates artwork for the media, cultural institutions and advertising.

For our 10-year celebration Patrick supported us on visualizing the patient-centric approach which is the core and the heart of all our actions.

CCR Program and Core Beliefs

Patrick Oberholzer also gave our Patient Arts for Health Global Exhibition a face. We thank Patrick for this exciting collaboration!

Patient Arts for Health Global Exhibition

We will continue to celebrate this milestone throughout 2021!

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