WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE: Rising Tide Translational Cancer Research Fund


Year of Grant: 2013

Location: Israel


Weizmann Institute of Science (Weizmann) in Israel, one of the foremost centers of multidisciplinary research in the world, is recognized for its wide-ranging exploration of the natural and exact sciences. Comprising 50 multidisciplinary research institutes and centers, Weizmann is a nurturing ground for young researchers, and serves as a meeting place for scientists from different disciplines to collaborate and pursue groundbreaking research, including cancer and personalized medicine.


To support our common vision to advance pilot-scale translational and clinical research in personalized medicine and cancer to create

transformative results for patients, our two organizations established a five-year grant program, the Rising Tide Translational Cancer Research Fund.


This program consists of two main funding streams: 1) to support competitive clinical collaborations focused on cancer research that are near or ready for clinical application and 2) to provide startup funding for young cancer scientists.


Under funding stream one, Weizmann scientist are invited to apply for a competitive clinical collaboration grant on an annual basis. Under funding stream two, one bright young cancer investigator is provided is provided with startup funding per annum.


The overarching aim of the Rising Tide Cancer Research Fund is to accelerate promising new cancer treatment modalities from the laboratory to the patient’s bedside.