She Rises Up

Grant Details

Organization: Sky Films, Inc.
Country: USA & International
Funding Year: 2022
Project Duration: 2 years


Funding Areas

Systems Change ✓
Empowerment of Individuals ✓
Teaching Freedom ✓

While the World Bank reports that over a billion people have come out of extreme poverty in just 25 years, many women remain trapped without equal access to economic opportunities and legal rights. For those living in extreme poverty, there are often obstacles beyond their control that make progress nearly impossible – from government regulations with unintended consequences to cultural attitudes that prevent women from accessing or controlling their own income. 

"She Rises Up” is a feature documentary film that will tell the stories of inspiring women who are pulling themselves and their families out of extreme poverty. The film will explore the explosive implications of women’s economic participation and share powerful methods that work toward the eradication of extreme poverty, reclaiming the moral high ground for economic freedom. Compelling stories in Peru, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and Burundi will highlight the power and importance of economic freedom for women.

Contribution to enhancing freedom

Freedom of the individual is dependent upon the culture highly embracing that value. While no one film can transform a cultural mindset, by generating interest and discussion around the benefits of free markets and entrepreneurship, Sky Films Inc hopes to ultimately contribute to systems change. Economic freedom is a necessary, though not sufficient, tool to erase poverty and generate human flourishing. "She Rises Up" can generate a narrative change in the way we view economic freedom and entrepreneurship globally.

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