Freedom Games 2023

Grant Details

Organization: Liberte! Foundation
Country: Poland
Funding Year: 2022
Project Duration: 1 year


Funding Areas

Teaching Freedom ✓

Freedom Games is a yearly gathering in Lodz, Poland of renowned international experts and intellectuals using various conference formats – from lectures to panel discussions – to discuss key challenges Western societies face in the 21st century, offering a creative space for exchanging ideas on culture, economics, business, and public life with the end to advance a more free and prosperous society.

The key output of the project is the organization and execution of one edition of Freedom Games: at least 3 days of events with more than 250 speakers and at least 60 sessions – available both online and in-person in a dedicated conference space, with more than 1 million online viewers of Freedom Games streaming and videos, and at least 1,500 in-person attendees.

Contribution to Enhancing Freedom

The Freedom Games forum has developed to become a powerful tool for promoting free-market ideas and personal freedoms while confronting individuals with other ideological currents. The 2023 Freedom Games event will show ideas important for Liberte! Foundation’s mission like free markets, rule of law, entrepreneurship, and the importance of big cities as engines of development and personal freedom, while supporting the idea of local governments to avoid centralization.

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