Re-opening Poland: The Roadmap for Polish Immigration Policy

Grant Details

Organization: Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju (Civil Development Forum)
Country: Poland
Project Name: Re-opening Poland: The Roadmap for Polish Immigration Policy


Funding Areas

Systems Change ✓
Empowerment of Individuals ✓
Teaching Freedom ✓

This multi-phased project of the Civil Development Forum combines research with advocacy aimed at liberalizing Polish immigration policies based on the effective reforms introduced to support Ukrainian refugees in the country. The publication and promotion of recommended legal changes in the area of migration policy would support the comprehensive framework for (non-EU) foreign employment and entrepreneurship in Poland. 

The main goal is to break bureaucratic barriers and introduce changes to migration policy in Poland to enhance the smooth and effective influx of migrants. The Civil Development Forum aims to establish new narratives for the ongoing and high-priority debate on immigration in Poland. They will collaborate with local communities and governments to identify barriers and bottlenecks between local and central institutions on the regulation of the labor market and migrant entrepreneurship to create recommendations for changes in the legal system. These recommendations will reach policy- and decision-makers in Poland to influence public debate on the topic of immigration policy and ultimately change the existing approach. Through workshops, conferences, and public meetings, they will reach intellectuals, scholars, and media and business representatives, as well as local government authorities and community leaders. 

Contribution to Enhancing Freedom

Ludwig von Mises wrote that, “The principles of freedom, which have gradually been gaining ground everywhere since the eighteenth century, gave people freedom of movement.” Freedom of movement gave rise to modern economic growth, unprecedented improvements in the mass standard of living, and an escape from poverty. Hindering movement can take many forms, from closed borders to various discriminating regulations that hamper buying or renting an apartment, taking up a job, or starting and running a business. Whenever there are regulations discriminating against immigrants, the basic freedom of movement is violated.  

The Civil Development Forum aims to remove existing impediments to immigration in Poland by showing the benefits from immigration for both the host society and incomers, identifying barriers faced by immigrants, and offering recommendations to improve policy for employment or starting a business. If policy changes are successfully implemented, this project would lead to systems change and greater freedom, by widening the right of both residents and migrants in Poland to enter mutually beneficial relations. Migrants would be empowered through the right to use their knowledge and professional qualifications in the same way as Polish citizens. Overall, a better understanding of immigration and friendlier legislation in the labor market and for entrepreneurship will lead to a more peaceful and prosperous society. 

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