Grant Details

Grantee Name: Prof. Walter Weber

 Swiss Group For Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)
Country: Switzerland

Project Name:
Funding Year:
Project period: 5 years


Targeted axillary dissection (TAD) is a new technique that has recently been developed for patients with initially positive nodes undergoing systemic treatment before surgery. It combines the selective removal of nodes that are localized under imaging guidance.

The main objective of this trial is to show that TAD is non-inferior to conventional axillary lymph node dissection (ALND) in terms of disease-free survival of breast cancer patients

This phase III multicenter trial will be performed in Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Lithuania and is being led by the SAKK. This grant complements the awards for Prof. Weber in Switzerland and Prof. Fitzal in Austria.  In total, RTFCCCR is providing funding for the enrollment of 1118 patients, 345 in Switzerland, 250 in Austria, 200 in Germany, 183 in Hungary, 100 in Lithuania, and 40 in Italy.  

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