Anti-Osteoclast Therapy

Grant Details

Grantee Name:
 Dr. Varun Monga
Organization: University of Iowa

Country: USA

Project Name: Anti-Osteoclast Therapy as an Adjuvant in Treatment of Chondrosarcoma

Funding Year: 2017

Project period: 3 years

Anti-Osteoclast Therapy as an Adjuvant in Treatment of Chondrosarcoma

This is a single-arm, open-label phase Ib clinical trial. 15 patients will receive 1 dose of zoledronic acid, followed by surgery 21 days after this dose. A second dose will be given 3 weeks after the surgery and patients will be monitored thereafter for 5 years.

Lay Abstract

Chondrosarcoma is a rare invasive cancer that affects bones and large joints. Extensive surgical resections with wide margins are necessary to cure this disease and surgeries can lead to significant morbidity. Radiation and chemotherapy have been largely ineffective for primary disease or for locally recurrent and metastatic disease. A pharmacologic agent that can potentially lead to function preserving surgical treatment, fewer local recurrences, and better control of systemic disease, would help improve the overall quality of life. Zoledronic acid is a widely used agent for treatment of metastatic cancer to the bone and to treat osteoporosis. Our pre-clinical studies have shown that zoledronic acid may help control the local destruction of bone by chondrosarcoma. Hence, we are conducting a clinical trial repurposing zoledronic acid by giving a dose prior to standard of care surgical resection and evaluating its impact on the resected tumor specimen. A second dose is given post operatively and time to local or metastatic recurrence as well as overall survival will be determined. The study is ongoing and 11 out of planned 15 patients have been enrolled. We hope to use this information to design a larger trial using zoledronic acid as an adjuvant therapy.

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