Liberty in Action

Grant Details

Organization: Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Country: Guatemala
Project Name: Liberty in Action


Funding Areas

Private Sector Solutions ✓
System Change ✓
Empowerment of Individuals ✓
Teaching Freedom✓

There is often a disconnect between classical liberal theory and its application in the real world. At the same time, there is a prevailing tendency for individuals to look towards government as the normative solution to complex social challenges. The Liberty in Action project from Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM) will provide a collaborative hands-on, multidisciplinary student experience that will develop bottom-up solutions to social challenges using classical liberal principles. Through the “CoLab”, students will drive innovative solutions to existing social problems in Guatemala that are private, voluntary, and free-market.


Contribution to enhancing freedom

Each individual is unique, inherently social, and has the capacity for creative activity. The Liberty in Action project, through the “CoLab”, will place an emphasis on these defining aspects of the human person to develop bottom-up solutions to complex social challenges where top-down bureaucratic programs and schemes have typically served as the default.

The program will impact the landscape of freedom in two tangible ways: (1) students at UFM will increase their appreciation and understanding of market principles through active and experiential learning, and (2) projects developed through the “CoLab” will accelerate human progress through market-based solutions that reduce the scope and desire of government intervention.

In the long-term, UFM aims to cultivate a mindset shift by demonstrating the viability and practicality of market-based solutions to complex social problems. They aim to reach thousands through market-based interventions that materially improve human lives.

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