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Communicating Liberty to Under-Serviced Audiences

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Organization: Foundation for Economic Education
Country: United States
Project Name: Communicating Liberty to Under-Serviced Audiences


Funding Areas

Empowerment of Individuals ✓
Teaching Freedom ✓

Today there are over 50 million youth aged 14 to 26 in America - over 16 million are African American or Hispanic - and there are tens of millions more youth in Latin America and Spain. Traditionally, this audience, of which nearly one-third is in the U.S., has been under-engaged by free-market-oriented organizations. FEE plans to employ a multifaceted outreach strategy through their new Revolution of One and FEE en Espanol programs that engage these audiences through media, in-person workshops, online learning, accessible resources, and community partnerships to educate and inspire young African Americans and Hispanics to prefer freedom over coercion as their chosen method for social change and economic progress. Through this, FEE is working to drive a generational shift away from faith in politicians toward a freer, more prosperous, and more peaceful society achieved through the adoption of, and a life-long belief in, “the freedom philosophy."


Contribution to enhancing freedom

Traditionally, African American and Hispanic audiences have not been widely reached by free-market think tanks. Through various educational avenues employed by FEE, new audiences will be introduced to the principles of freedom in new, creative ways. FEE aims to engage 10% of the African American and Hispanic youth population in the United States, which they expect to create a widespread shift in the way young people view freedom—rendering large government programs, in the long-term, unattractive.

Over the course of the two-year project, FEE hopes to engage more than 39 million young people through their Revolution of One and FEE en Espanol programs. This will inspire a new generation of youth as they are empowered to see themselves as the active protagonists of their own lives.

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